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September 2016

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the vastness of the ocean

mr_henry_gale in hugmeweatherby

A fic, untitled.

Featuring Governor Swann (my new obsession, heh) and a young Will Turner, after he's just been rescued from the wreckage at the beginning of the first film.

The boy stirred. Governor Weatherby Swann sat up.
     The boy's eyes fluttered open, and his gaze fell on Weatherby. "Wh... where am I?" he asked weakly.
    "We're on board the HMS Dauntless, quite possibly the strongest vessel in His Majesty's fleet. I wouldn't worry, if I were you. You're safe here." Weatherby walked up to the bed and extended his hand. "I'm Weatherby Swann, newly-appointed royal Governor of Jamaica. In fact, that's where we're en route."
    The boy took the proffered hand with as much firmness as he could muster. "Will Turner, sir, pleased to make your acquaintance."
    "Yes, I've heard - my daughter Elizabeth has already met you. Erm, you're stuck with us for the remainder of the journey, I'm afraid. When we dock in Jamaica, you're welcome to stay with us, at least, until you've recovered and I can arrange passage for you back to England - beg pardon, you are from England, aren't you? yes, I thought so - and I shall have to write to your family to inform them of your situation, and to assure them that you are safe and they aren't to worry."
    Will shook his head. "I have no family left, sir. My mother died two months ago, and I've never known my father. I was on board a merchant vessel to look for him when we were attacked."
    Governor Swann looked down. "I'm so sorry, Master Turner. Do you have anyone back in England?" The boy shook his head. The governor considered him for a moment. "I'd like to put forth to you a proposal - if you wish to stay at Port Royal, I'll arrange for a suitable home for you."
    "Yes, that would be very nice of you, sir. Thank you." In all honesty, Will had no place else to go. He had sold everything he owned - and that wasn't very much - and headed off to sea without looking back. And with what had just happened to him, he didn't think he'd set foot on another ship anytime soon.
    "It'll be another fortnight before we arrive, or so they tell me. I'm leaving you in the very able hands of my daughter Elizabeth. She'll take good care of you."
    "Thank you, sir."
    He gave Will a kind smile, as if to reassure him that everything will be all right. "Try to get some rest now." And then the governor left the room, making sure to close the door gently behind him.


Aww. I love it. ;_; The Governor is everyone's father, in a way! How sweet. <33
Thank you. By the way, did you used to frequent HP:1 on Yahoo! Chat? I have a feeling I knew you. Were you slashygilderoylockhart once, perhaps?
I am! <3 YES. Who where you?
Guess. :-P (Yeah, I'm being mean, hehe.)

Here's a clue: Remember the Monty Python and the Holy Grail roleplay we did via IM, with you as Prince Herbert and me as Lancelot?

(Okay, my avatar just about gives it away, hehe.)
Omg! Now I know you!! Lupin~! <333 -HUG.-

Omg, that was amazing. That RP. ROFL!
Yep, that was me. I've gone and gotten myself a new pseudonym now, heh.

How have you been? Must've been a decade since we last talked. It's such a shame they took down HP:1. Best years of my childhood...
Sweet mini fic! Yay Weatherby!
Thank you. I might just write more...